California Bail Law, Estate Planning And
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Our attorneys at the Law Office of John M. Rorabaugh are highly experienced in California bail law. We have been at the forefront of legislative and judicial efforts to streamline and develop rules that are comprehensive and advantageous for the industry as a whole. We also provide premier legal services for estate planning and business formations.

Making New Law
In California Since 1983
California Bail Law

California Bail Law

Bail forfeitures, insurance matters, appellate work, legislative lobbyist support
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Wills, advance health care directives, powers of attorney, trusts
Business Planning/Formation

Business Planning/Formations

California business planning, formations, shareholder fiduciary guidance

Our Law Firm Started Under
Nunez & Bernstein In 1983

The practice was founded by Mark Bernstein and Alan Nunez in 1983, under the name Nunez & Bernstein. Upon Mr. Bernstein’s retirement in 2008, his law partner, John Rorabaugh, took over the practice. Mr. Rorabaugh and Crystal L. Rorabaugh have been serving the bail industry’s legal needs since 1995.

In this area of our practice, our clients are licensed bail agents, bail bond surety companies and bail fugitive recovery persons or bounty hunters. We are familiar with the nuances of the bail regulatory agency, the California Department of Insurance (CDI). We also work directly with legislative lobbyists involved in the California legislature.

Legal Assistance
For Estate Planning And
Business Formations

While everyone should have an estate plan, not everyone does. This is likely because many lack an understanding of the critical importance of having one. Most estate plans comprise several basic documents such as an advance health care directive (AHCD), durable financial power of attorney (DPOA) and a will. Depending on the nature of a person’s personal assets and real property holdings, and if they have children still living with them, a trust may also become part of an estate plan, along with other documents such as property transfers. Estate plans may also include instructions for business succession.

People are frequently familiar with the role of a will, or the absence of a will, in an estate plan due to media exposure. A properly prepared will is the legal instrument that gives instructions about the distribution of your property when you die. It can also name who you wish to care for your children when you are gone. But other lesser-known estate planning documents are critical to protect your interests while you are alive. For example, an AHCD will communicate your wishes for your health care effectively, and legally, to your loved ones and physicians in case you become incapacitated. A DPOA can ensure the handling of your financial affairs by the trusted agent of your choosing.

Build Your Business On A Firm Foundation

Are you sitting on a business idea and ready to get going with your new enterprise? Our attorneys can guide you in the process of choosing the right entity for your needs. Some operate as a sole proprietorship without knowing the benefits of moving their business venture to a limited liability company or corporation for tax benefits and personal liability protections. Our attorneys will assist you in outlining a business plan, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the various business entities, and anticipating necessary contracts for a successful and long-term business.

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